Travel Adventure Cruise, Snorkeling, Diving, Freediving, Surfing and Kayaking in Indonesia with the Pirates' Bay Cruising agency.

Pirates' Bay, another way to discover Indonesia.

Pirates' Bay is an agency dedicated to exquisite sailing cruises in one of the most beautiful area of Asia. Sailing on one of our ships is a pledge to an oustanding experience during your trip in Indonesia.

The fifteen boats of our fleet were built according to the Indonesian boat building traditions and methods. All of them are designed to provide our guests comfort, safety and to ensure peacefulness and enjoyment.

We devise various types of trip – convenient for children and adults – that will definitely make your journey very special.

We are very committed to provide great service and offer idyllic discoveries in the heart of the Archipelago.

Choose your cruise : Land and Sea, Scuba Diving or Freediving and fulfill your aspirations. Surfers could explore incredible surfing spots off the beaten track from Lombok to the Molucccass and kayakers will discover secret bays in Komodo or Raja Ampat. We are inclined to plan customized itineraries for professionals or amateurs conducting Expeditions in various remote parts of Indonesia.

Land and Sea / snorkeling cruise liveaboard aboard sailing boat in Komodo or Raja Ampat in IndonesiaDiving cruise liveaboard aboard sailing boat in Komodo or Raja Ampat in IndonesiaFreediving cruise liveaboard aboard sailing boat in Komodo or Raja Ampat in Kayaking cruise liveaboard aboard sailing boat in Komodo or Raja Ampat Surfing cruise liveaboard aboard sailing boat in Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Rote or Maluku (Moluccas) 
    Land and sea             Diving                Freediving             Kayaking                Surfing

Please contact us for more information. We'll be happy to help you organize your flight(s) and transfer(s) during your stay.

The journey starts here, just a click from the realization of the voyage of your dreams !

Pirates' Bay Team

We are a crew of friends and sailors, all passionate by our life at sea. All of us have been living and discovering Indonesia for many years. We created Pirates' Bay agency and since then, we collaborate to offer the best of sailing and water activities in extraordinary locations. We are very keen to share our experience with our guests and to convey the magic of our adventures.

We hope to have the chance to welcome you aboard one of our ships very soon,

Kind Regards,

Pirates' Team.



Our next dates in 2017

Last departures available!



30th July to 4th August (6D/5N) Diving/Land & Sea, Komodo with Kira Kira

(6 spaces available)


1st to 4th August (3D/3N) Land & Sea, Komodo with Clavalia

(2 spaces available) 


4th to 8th August (5D/4N) Diving/Land & Sea, Komodo with Duyung

(6 spaces available)


11st to 19th August (7D/8N) Diving/Land & Sea, Gilis - Komodo with Lambo

(5 spaces available)


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